Book Review: Ours, Yours and Mines - A family saga set in the miners' rows of Ayrshire Scotland in the mid-1800s to early 1900s by Carmel McMurdo Audsley
I read the newly-released 'Faeries, Farms and Folk' and was so taken with the family story that I sought out the sequel 'Ours, Yours and Mines' which was the [...] Scotland - Book, Mining, Poverty, Tuberculosis, Family, Miners Rows, 19th Century Scotland, Keir Hardie, Miners Lung, Disease and Death, Muirkirk, New Cumnock

Book Review: Anna's Bear - 5 Days of Moral Conflict And Pursuit, Nazi Germany, 1939 by O.W. Shumaker
I have been interested in World War II since I was a child and went to our attic and discovered some World War II memorabilia that had belonged to my uncle. It [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Thriller, Suspense, Hitler Youth, Lebensborn, Gestapo, Nazi Germany, World War II

Book Review: Flowers And Stone by Jan Sikes
I thought so when I first read this book earlier this year. It was only when I came to write a review and saw the one written by George Martin I realised it is [...] Love - Book, Texas Music, Texas Honky-Tonks, Crime, Passion, Country Band, Music History, Past Life

Book Review: Road To Transplant by Brian M. Hayden
Writing this book was my way of sharing my thoughts and feelings to my grand children. I had no idea if I would live or die, so sharing my experiences and [...] Health - Book, Transplants, Heart Failure, Heart Transplants, Cardiomyopathy, Hearts, Death, Survival, Life, Transplant Hospitals

Book Review: Dangerous Liaisons - A Story of Men and Women who Loved Too Much (Royal Command Book 1) by Sarah Stuart
Dangerous Liaisons will take you on a steamy romance adventure that goes all the way back to the 1500s. Lizzie Cameron was given the Book of Hours by her [...] Romantic Suspense - Book, Romance, Show Business, Theatre, Crime, Thriller, Erotic, Wildlife Conservation, Historical

Book Review: The Convict and the Rose by Jan Sikes
The Convict and the Rose is a story of love, of desperation, despair, redemption and ultimately freedom. This is a true story of a veteran Texas Musician, [...] Love - Book, Creative Non-Fiction, Prison, Music, Crime, Drugs, Guru, American Indian, Artwork, Beadwork, Songwriting, Desperation, Despair, Redemption, Freedom

Book Review: Deep Vice (Jack Carlyle Detective Series) by Wilson Schroeder
Miami's favorite Private Detective is back. He and partner Joe Rodriguez invite you along for a meet-and-greet with various representatives of Miami's [...] Crime Fiction - Book, Miami, Detective, Mystery, Organized Crime, Murder, Venezuela, Cuba, Ukraine, Cadillac, Miami River

Book Review: INTRUSION - A fateful rivalry in the home front of WW2 (A Relative Invasion Book 1) by Rosalind Minett
At present in Kindle, with paperback following in early 2015. The readership of this book ranges from Young Adult to pensioners. It falls into the genres of [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Cossack Sabre, Suburban Childhood, 1940s, Wartime, Home Front, Resilience, Rivalry, World War Two, Evacuation, Foster Home, Emotional Deprivation, Bullying, Phoney War

Book Review: Tough Lessons from the Bible by Mack Moore
Why did I give my book this title? In life there are lessons that are often tough for any of us to learn and bear. They are tough lessons and in particular [...] Bible - Book, Jesus, Christmas, Suicide, Santa, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Rainbow, Christian, Heaven, Hell, Controversial, God

Book Review: The Fear Collectors - a Dr. Jessica Coran M.E. mystery (The Instinct Series #13) by Robert W. Walker
When Dr. Jessica Coran, M.E., former FBI & now crime consultant is called into a Chicago PD case, Det. Samantha 'Sam' Reason makes her feelings known off the [...] Suspense Thriller - Book, Mystery, Action Adventure, Female Sleuths, Police Procedural, Chicago Police, Stark, Florida, Interrogations, Crime Fiction, Criminal Minds, Murder Mystery

Book Review: 'Tis the Season for Matchmaking - A Lasting Love Affair Continues (A Darcy and Elizabeth Love Affair Book 2) by P. O. Dixon
"When a man meets the woman with whom he is destined to share his life, he knows." — Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy So begins the warm and engaging sequel to A [...] Pride And Prejudice - Book, Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Historical Fiction, Regency Romance, Fiction Classic, Pemberley, Longbourn, Christmas Story

Book Review: Urgency. by Jeremy Vaeni
Urgency. is a book for those interested in Mystery with a capital "M." It illustrates that there is a state of being untouched by thought and attempts to bring [...] Spirituality - Book, New Age, Paranormal, Mysticism, Kundalini, Spiritual Awakening, Alien Abduction, Christ Consciousness, Religious Humor, Krishnamurti, Transcendence, Epiphany

Book Review: I Know Why The Aliens Don't Land! by Jeremy Vaeni
An autobiographical inkblot test, "I Know Why The Aliens Don't Land!" chronicles the author's life from childhood sweethearts to the horrors of working in [...] Alien Abduction - Book, UFO, Nickelodeon, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Occult, Autobiography, Paranormal, Abductee, Experiencer, High Strangeness, Ouija Board, Comedy

Book Review: The Platinum Retriever - The Story of Earth's Unexpected Savior by Kyle Robertson
Daedalus Platinum was a private investigator that investigated every deadbeat parent that abandoned their children after their divorce. The reason he chose [...] Science Fiction - Book, Drama, Action, Xenomorphs, Head Alien, Martial Arts

Book Review: The Final Option - A Science Fiction Novel about Armageddon by Kyle Robertson
There have been mysterious slaughters of entire families. A parent, and an infant, if any, were the only missing victims. The government was stumped. There [...] Armegeddon - Book, World's End, Paranormal, Commando, Time Travel, Massacre, Government Mission, God Character, Science Fiction, Switching Sides, Utopia, Invincible Warrior

Book Review: Terror on Arrival - An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novel by Kyle Robertson
Before the Earth had formed any life, a planet called Valan-Cheanus was a beautiful planet with a relentless plague destroying it, an indigenous creature [...] Science Fiction - Book, Apocalyptic, Spetsnaz, Adventure, Desaster, Military Equipment, International Cooperation, Air Force, Alien

Book Review: Leaner. Faster. Stronger. Key Concepts to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, & Increase Athleticism Naturally. No Hype! No Weight Loss Dieting. Clean Eating, Nutrition, Workouts, Get in Shape, & Better Results. by Brett Bond
I started researching over a decade ago on how to build muscle and lose fat naturally. Along the way I've come across several methods and products that are [...] Fitness - Book, Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Weight Loss, Get in Shape, Workout, Muscle Mass, Increase Muscle, Nutrition, Dieting, Eating Healthy

Book Review: Slumberland by Tygo Lee
Our dream worlds are but alternative realities that we live out in other dimensions of space and time. Prepare yourself for a drifting, nebulous trip into the [...] Self-Improvement - Book, Fables, Short Stories, Dreams, Relationships, Self-Help, Personal Improvement, Fantasy

Book Review: Suicide Survivors Tell You The Truth About Suicide - Near-Death Experiences of Suicide Survivors by John J. Graden
The Near Death Experiences of Suicide Survivors What happens when a person like Robin Williams takes his or her life? This book profiles people who [...] Near Death Experience - Book, Suicide, NDE, Attempted Suicide, Bullying, Robin Williams, Depression, Suicide Counseling, Suicide Prevention, Suicide Survivor, Heaven, The Bible

Book Review: Against Her Will by Peter Martin
Rape is every woman's worst nightmare, an act so vile, so devastating, it robs the victim of any sort of dignity, leaving scars that can last a. lifetime. [...] Suspense - Book, Mystery, Dark, Disturbing, Gripping, Fast Paced, Thriller, Rape, Drama, Romance, Menacing, Inspiring, Moving

Book Review: Deadlight (The Bequia Mysteries Book 3) by Michael W. Smart
On his way into Port Elizabeth to catch the morning ferry to St. Vincent, Commissioner of Police Mike Daniels contemplates the political fallout ensuing from [...] Mystery - Book, Romance, Bequia, St. Vincent, Suspense, Caribbean, Caribbean Mystery, Schooner, Sailing

Book Review: The Shadow of the Legend by Gini Bond
There's nothing like dreams to inspire intriguing plots and ideas of faraway, fantastic legends. This is where The Shadow of the Legend was born--in a [...] Fantasy - Book, Romance, Adventure, Other Worlds, Indians, Aliens, Prophecy, Fiction, Legends

Book Review: I've Said It All Before by Mario Colao
I've Said It All Before, bottom line, is about the journey that led me to obesity, addiction, and the night that changed it all. This book answers every [...] Motivation - Book, Self Help, Fitness, Weight Loss, Funny, Humor, Biography, Journey, Obesity, Improvement, Abuse, Inspiration

Book Review: Children of the Mechanism by Jeffrey Aaron Miller
Young slaves live and work in the bowels of a massive, mysterious factory, watched over by cruel robots. They live and die without ever seeing the world [...] Science Fiction - Book, Dystopia, Post-Apocalyptic, Child Labor, Slave Labor, Robots, Factory, Slavery, Freedom

Book Review: Garden of Dust and Thorns by Jeffrey Aaron Miller
The Garden on Haven Ridge is the last green place in a world turned to dust. Behind its high wall of woven vines, every kind of tree, plant, and animal lives [...] Fantasy - Book, Magic, Environmentalism, Animals, Garden, War