Book Review: Isia's Secret (An Enda Osin Mystery) by Ray Stone
This mystery thriller is the best I have read in years. I just hope this author does follow up with another Enda Osin adventure. This was dark and sad in [...] Political Thriller - Book, Murder, Adventure, Mystery, Sea Adventure, Mediterranean, Kidnap, Terrorists, Espionage, Eu Politics, Romance, Modern History

Book Review: 1814 - The Year the United States Lost its Independence by Jonathan M. Nielson
Readers of historical fiction know there are two aspects to the genre. One, often highly entertaining and even exceedingly well crafted, is wholly imaginative [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Historical Faction, American History, War of 1812, War and Diplomacy, British History, Madison Presidency, War Hawks

Book Review: Treacherous - Who will decide your fate? (Story of Soul Mates) (Volume 1) by Britny Nagle
Government issued soul mates was never something that was suppose to change the world until it did. What happens when a girl sets out to find her soul mate [...] Science Fiction - Book, Love, Soul Mates, Government, Trust, Angst, Fluff, on the Run, Adventure, Truth

Book Review: An Alien Legacy - The Cygnus and Pictor Connection by David J. Price
My book is about an alien race from the planet Oceanid, orbiting the star Quaestor Minor in the Cygnus constellation. The planet is part of a three world solar [...] Science Fiction - Book, Alien Civilizations, Human Alliance, Homo-Sapiens Legacy, Hope for Humankind, Finite Universe, Multi-Verse, Parallel Universe, Loyal Mechanoid, First Contact, Sub-Light Starships, Democratic Command Structure

Book Review: Children's Book - A Wonderful Day To Smile and To Dare by Bosmat Libovsky
Winner of IBD award, April 4, 2014. This book is about facing fears and conquering them using a little bit of courage and a lot of humor. The little girl in [...] Children's Book - Book, Monsters, Humor, Overcoming Fear, Inspiration, Girl Superhero, Bedtime Story, Dr. Seuss, Rhymes, Easy Reading, Courage, Smile

Book Review: The Tenth Cycle - A Thriller (A Rossler Foundation Mystery) by JC Ryan
The Tenth Cycle is a story set in the thriller genre loaded with action, conspiracies and romance. A secret about mankind that — if and when revealed — [...] Thriller - Book, Mystery, Suspense, Conspiracy, Romance, Action, Adventure, Pyramids, Archaeology

Book Review: Assassination Continuum (The Harry Fingle Collection) by Nick Wastnage
The second book in the trilogy The Harry Fingle Collection. Having survived an assassination attempt and the underhand and immoral activities of the British [...] Crime Thriller - Book, Suspense, Conspiracy, CIA, MI6, Lingering Love, Corruption

Book Review: Sleight of Hand by Mitch Sebourn
In the high desert north of Las Vegas, Nevada, young women are dying and disappearing, and it is all part of a sadistic operation that has been hiding in the [...] Mystery - Book, Ghosts, Horror, Hollywood, Murder, Fiction, Actors, Actresses, Suspense, Movies, Films, Mainstream

Book Review: Shapeshifter by Casey Hatfield
This read helps anyone who is inspired to live a healthy lifestyle achieve diet and fitness goals! Astonishing insight on legit planning, exercise and diet [...] Healthy Lifestyle - Book, Non-Fiction, Diet, Fitness, Health, Living, Body, Looks, Appearance, Life, Food, Eating

Book Review: Thoughts From My Notepad by Sheldon Gilton
"Thoughts From My Notepad" is a compilation of different poetry that each individually tell a story but all together cover different aspects of my life growing [...] Poetry - Book, Art, Life, Love, Relationships, Poems

Book Review: Tantric Sex - Experience The Rejoice And Rejuvenating Love Life With Tantric Sex by Michael Sweary
Since we can use our sexual energy to power our biological energies, tantric sex is a great way for people to empower themselves. Author Barbara Marx Hubbard [...] Tantric Sex - Book, Sexuality. Ritual and Practice, Tantra, Tantric Sexuality, Tantric Sex Positions, Mysticism, Tibetan, Personal Growth, Inspiration, Health and Fitness

Book Review: Up - Getting UP Is The Key To Life by Brian P. Swift
Have you ever felt “Down but not out” “Slowed but not Stopped” or “Bent but not broken” Get some practical wisdom to guide you away from these [...] Inspirational - Book, Christian, Motivational, Faith, Hope, Practical Wisdom, Success, Self Help, Key to Life, Disabilities

Book Review: Sudoku Magic 1 by Lynda Warwick
Starting with 5 great tips on how to solve Sudodu puzzles, this book contains 60 Sudokus across 3 levels Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme. There is only [...] Sudoku Puzzles - Book, Sudoku Solver, Soduku, Sodoku, Easy Sudoku, Sudoku Games, Sudoku Strategy, Sudoku Tips, Play Sudoku, Mega Sudoku

Book Review: How to Cheese Cake - 20 Mouth Watering Recipes by Jeen van der Meer
Everyone loves a good cheesecake for dessert. It is easy to find a favorite in this 20 Delicious Cheesecake Recipes book. Each recipe features a [...] Cheese Cake - Book, Recipes, Bake Cheese Cake, Newyork Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cheese Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake, Lemon Cheese Cake, Baked Cheese Cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake

Book Review: The Wrath of Brotherhood (Brethren of the Spanish Main) by Ozgur K. Sahin
Want a good pirate tale with action, intrigue, and a vibrant historical setting? The Wrath of Brotherhood is the book for you! The Caribbean of the 17th [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Pirate, Caribbean, Nautical, Adventure, Genre Fiction, Privateer, Maritime, Piracy, Restoration, Colonial, 17th Century

Book Review: No Place Like Home by Angela Gascoigne
All of the stories have you gripped from beginning to end. And the best thing about yhem is that you can read a whole story in one tea break. Something for [...] Short Stories - Book, Flash Fiction, Collection, Women's Interest, Love, Humour, Spine-Chillers, Tears and Laughter

Book Review: Snow Blood - Season 1 - Episodes 1 - 6 by Carol McKibben
Snow was a loving and devoted family dog. He loved his humans, his family and his comfortable home. There is nothing that he wouldn't do to protect them and [...] Vampires - Book, Coming of Age, Paranormal Romance, Romance Novella, Vampire Dog, Shape Shifter, Romantic Teen Book, Romantica, Paranormal, Vampire Romance, Action Adventure

Book Review: The Dancing Boy by Michael Matson
The Dancing Boy is a mystery. Treat Mikkelson is not exactly a burnt-out case but he's grown tired of his life as a criminologist and weary of memories of a [...] Mystery - Book, Pacific Northwest, Human Trafficking, Cults, Lost Boy, Murder

Book Review: Fruit Infused Water - 50 Quick & Easy Recipes For Delicious & Healthy Hydration by Elle Garner
Drinking water is among the most important things we can do for ourselves and our health. That's why Elle Garner's Fruit Infused Water: 50 Quick & Easy Recipes [...] Fruit Infused Water - Book, Nonalcoholic, Drinks, Recipes, Nonalcoholic Recipes, Nutrition, Vitamin Water, Paleo, Quick, Easy

Book Review: Angel of The Willows by Angela Gascoigne
My favourite book yet from this author. A story that will have you smiling, crying and totally attached to the characters. Everyone should try this for a real [...] Women's Fiction - Book, Humour, Some Adult Themes, Love, Heavenly Bodies, Friendship, Family Life, Relationships, Summertime

Book Review: The Trojan Towers by Ray Stone
Raithe Ravelle and Harry Cohen,and Leiberman the three main really stand out in this thriller. I read it over two days. This writer really makes you see and [...] Espionage - Book, Thriller, Crime, Explosive, Treasure, Kidnap, Mosad, Adventure, Caper, Politics, Middle East, Russians

Book Review: The Golden Treasure of Panama (The Martin Culver Series) by Malcom Massey
The Golden Treasure of Panama is the exciting 4th volume in The Martin Culver Series. After a series of tragedies, Martin Culver puts his wife on a plane to [...] Adventure - Book, CIA, Pirate, Treasure, Panama, Thriller, Captain Morgan, Archaeology, Spanish Gold, Martin Culver

Book Review: The Lost Ark of the Incas (The Martin Culver Series) by Malcom Massey
"The Lost Ark of the Incas" is the 2nd volume in The Martin Culver Series. Based on what Martin Culver has learned about Spanish treasure stolen from South [...] Adventure - Book, Spanish Gold, Inca Treasure, Peru Adventure, Peru, Inca, Archaeology, Lost Gold, Andes, Jungle Rescue, Mystery, Suspense

Book Review: Conflicted (Secrets and Lies Series) by M. M. Koenig
Mia Ryan had it all - a full scholarship at one of the best universities in the country, editor of the school's newspaper, on track for all her career goals, a [...] Romantic Suspense - Book, Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Fiction, Humor, Mystery

Book Review: The Art of Seeing Soul - How to Live Your Life with the Achingly Beautiful Grace of Now by Heather Fraser
This book is about transcendence, and I wrote it because I felt deep in my heart that there was so much value to offer others by expressing what I had learned [...] Transformation - Book, Creativity, Money, Consciousness, Healing, Acceptance, Beauty, Meditation, Happiness, Ego, Suffering, Poverty