Book Review: The Scary Girls by JD Kaplan
The Scary Girls is a novel about personal growth, self-discovery, magic and the power of music, all set in the modern world. Steeped in the impossible, the [...] Urban Fantasy - Book, Contemporary Fantasy, Supernatural, Music, Magic, Personal Growth, Self-Discovery

Book Review: Kurinji Flowers by Clare Flynn
The idea for Kurinji Flowers came to me during a sleepless night in a hotel in South India. I started thinking about the people who may have stayed in the [...] Historical Fiction - Book, Romantic Fiction, Colonial India, Tea Plantation Life, 1930s and 1940s, Inter-Racial Romance, Wartime Romance, Expatriate Life, Historical Romance, Indian Independence, Love and Loss

Book Review: A Greater World by Clare Flynn
Elizabeth Morton and Michael Winterbourne come from different worlds and in normal circumstances should never have met. A tragic accident is the trigger for [...] Historical Romance - Book, Historical Fiction, Arranged Marriage, Australia, 1920s, Blue Mountains, Family Saga, Feisty Woman, Romantic Fiction, Strong Characters, Emigration, Love Story

Book Review: Coming Home (The Santa Monica Trilogy Book 2) by Jill Blake
Grace grew up believing that both her parents were dead. Turns out she was only half right. At twenty-two, she discovered that her father was alive, well, and [...] Contemporary Romance - Book, Second Chance, Doctor, New York, California, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, Ponzi Scheme, Rape, Scandal

Book Review: The Old Man and Me by R. C. Larlham
The Old Man and Me is my childhood to adult coming-of-age memoir about life in the 1940s and 1950s. Told in short story form, the fifty-three chapters [...] Memoir - Book, Coming of Age, Humor, Postwar America, Family Relationships, Growing Up, 1940s America, 1950s America, Short Stories, Everyday Life, School Days, Life with Horses

Book Review: The Old Man and Me Book 2 - Things I Didn't Get to Tell You the First Time by R. C. Larlham
The Old Man and Me - Book II: Stories I Didn't Get To Tell You the First Time is an overlapping sequel to the original "The Old Man and Me." Set mostly in high [...] Memoir - Book, Short Stories, Life Story, Family Relationships, Sibling Relationships, High School, Growing Up 1940s, Growing Up 1950s, College Days, Army Days, Father Son

Book Review: Forgiveness in Recovery by Ken Montrose
Written for people new to recovery, this workbook helps the reader develop a realistic outlook on forgiveness. Basic, and sometimes difficult, truths discussed [...] Forgiveness - Book, Addiction, Recovery, Self-Help, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous

Book Review: Home Groupies II by Ken Montrose
Like its predecessor, Home Groupies II is a 'thought for the day' book in the form of a novella. The lives of the core characters give rise to the daily [...] Daily Message - Book, Recovery, Addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous

Book Review: See Bride Run! by Charlotte Hughes
This book is a romantic comedy and it is a sweet easy to read book that can lift you up. Like many of my books there is an ensemble cast of fun characters but [...] Romantic Comedy - Book, Romcom, Romance, Wedding, Sweet, Funny, Contemporary Romance, Humor

Book Review: CLOSURE (Zachary Taylor. Book 1) by Larry Quartley
"A story that twists and turns its way to an excellent conclusion" says 5★ reviewer. North London, 2003. Three police officers are murdered when caught up [...] Police Procedural - Book, Mystery, British Detective, Thriller, Crime, Vigilante Justice, Kidnapping, Organised Crime, Noir, International Mystery, Suspense

Book Review: Live Life to the Fullest by Darrell Case
Many people hate their job. Their marriage is a shambles. Their children have become strangers. They live paycheck to paycheck so deeply in debt they will [...] Inspirational - Book, Love, Joy, Peace, Self Help, Marriage, Nonfiction, Success, God, Lord, Children, Life, Happiness, Strangers, Biblical Principles, Franklin Road Baptist, Pastor Mike Norris

Book Review: Mental Traffic Jam - Exploring the Nature of Consciousness by Patrick Johnson
Thank you Mental Traffic Jam! Quick, understandable and easy read! My thought process just needed a tweak. Now that I have read and applied the principles of [...] Consciousness - Book, Spirituality, Enlightenment, New Thought, Self-Help, Metaphysics, Healing, Faith

Book Review: River of Fire by Darrell Case
The year is 1883. In Chicago, two men conspire to commit murder. One has killed before and will again. One pastor is dead. Other's life is in danger. Adam [...] Christian Fiction - Book, Murder, Mystery, Romance, Chicago, Crime, Pastor, Church, 1800's, Illinois, Arkansas, Christian, God, Jesus Christ, Love, Husband

Book Review: 29 Argyle Drive by David Turri
29 Argyle Drive — The fictional address of the title is an old house that stands in the hills above the pretty seaside suburb of Sumner in Christchurch, New [...] Occult - Book, Demonic Possession, Haunted House, Exorcisim, Christchuch Earthquake, Christchurch, New Zealand, Horror, Ghosts, Ouija Board, Seance, Haunting

Book Review: West Bound Laine by Eleanor Russell Brown
The life of a hitchhiker is mysterious. No one knows under what circumstances they are hitching. The main characters in this book like their freedom, but at [...] Courage - Book, Hitchhiking Parents, Kidnapping, Human Spirit, Triumph, Survival, Violin, Tragedy, Insurmountable Odds, Stones, Education, Friendship

Book Review: A Lover for Beth - A Multicultural Romance by Yuwanda Black
One reviewer wrote, "Great story! While reading this story I was able to clearly see in my imagination a mental movie about the love story between Beth and [...] Romance - Book, Interracial, Multicultural, African American, BWWM, Short Stories, Women's Fiction, Short Fiction Romance, Steamy Romance, Contemporary Romance, Suspense Romance, Romantic Fiction

Book Review: Gallows Iron: Book Four of the Tyler May series by B. J. Mears
'Gallows Iron' is the 4th book in the Tyler May series. It follows the continuing adventures of Tyler May and her friends, now eighteen, as they are sent on [...] Fantasy - Book, Ghost, Spy, Adventure, Teen, Young Adult, Paranormal, Thriller, Ghost Story

Book Review: Playing House by Donna Brown
Emma and David Thomas think their divorce is all but final. There's just one loose end to tie up before they'll part ways forever: decide who keeps the [...] Romance - Book, Divorce, Bereavement, Grief, Guilt, Family, Family Life, Contemporary, Couples

Book Review: Wedding Heat - Saturday Box Set - Series Two (Wedding Heat Box Set Book 2) by Giselle Renarde
I'm Giselle Renarde, author of the Wedding Heat series. Whenever another writer tells me they're considering a series, I grab them by the lapels, give them [...] Erotica - Book, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Erotic Romance, Menage, Threesomes, BDSM, Wife Watching, Weddings

Book Review: A Letter to My Mother (Slice Of Life - Short Stories Book 2) by Olivia Gaines
I heard a woman on a talk show talking about her adversarial relationship with her mother. I was thinking, there had to be more to why the mother hated her so [...] Mother - Book, Daugther, South, Short Story, Segregation, Interracial

Book Review: Old Man Peterson - murder, it' all in the family by B.L. Wilson
"Old Man Peterson" is a story of revenge and retribution inside one African American family. The Peterson-Kennedy clan had everything. They were wealthy and [...] Murder Mystery - Book, Lesbian, African American, Black, Police Procedural, Erotic Thriller, Murder, Lesbian Thriller, African American Thriller, Romantic Mystery

Book Review: Safe Haven by B.L. Wilson
A runaway 'wife' discovers love in the arms of a female doctor who treats her broken bones and bruises then mends her broken heart. Joanna Fairfield AKA Ms. [...] Romantic Suspense - Book, Domestic Violence, Suspense, Thriller, Lesbian, Domestic Abuse, African American, Black Thriller, Black Romance, Black Suspense

Book Review: I'm Your Baby Tonight - but what about tomorrow? by B.L. Wilson
A City Park Ranger trades in her identity for one night of loving an older woman who refuses to accept the real her. City park ranger, Kayla Zeno, meets, [...] Romantic Comedy - Book, Romcom, African American, Romance, Lesbian, Halloween, Black Comedy, Black Romance, Black Lesbian

Book Review: The Gatherers by Craig Markley
I don't like Syfy.. But I could not put this one down.. Thinking it was just another Syfy seen it or before, but when I got into it, I had to see what happens [...] Science Fiction - Book, Syfy, Mystery, Aliens, Fiction, Detective, Cops

Book Review: Pharaoh's Star by Vera Jane Cook
I was influenced by the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. It's certainly easy to feel you're caught up in a mystery under a blanket of stars in the [...] Psychological Mystery - Book, Science Fiction, Thriller, Family Saga, Aliens, Psychological Thriller, Family Friction, Spaceships, Catskill Mountains, Spacecraft, Abductions